• Yes you can bring your own portable chairs to the event. There are no specific rules as to what size the chairs need to be.
  • We ask that you do not leave your chairs unattended for safety reasons.
  • Do not block designated walkways or emergency access as signed.
  • We ask that you be respectful of those who have already placed chairs out prior to positioning your own.
  • Chairs are not to be used to stand on, if you are seen using your chair to stand on, you will be asked to sit down and if problems persist, your chair will be removed at the discretion of Festival staff.
  • Chairs, along with any personal belongings left with chairs, is done so at your own risk.


There will be designated chair zones at the Surf Parade Stage and the Big Top Stage, these areas will be marked out, please note, these may change each day

There will be chairs provided at the Broadbeach Mall Stage only, however these are limited, additional areas for chairs will be available, but we ask that you do not block of main walkways or emergency accesses .