Freya Josephine Hollick

Freya Josephine Hollick is an old world songbird who harks from the Victorian Goldfields. Well versed in all kinds of music, she has followed a path back to a time that holds true to her voice, her song writing and her story. Hollick's voice has been described as haunting, as both powerful and fragile, it is truly a voice unlike any other, and one that is of another time. She immerses herself in her songs and the stories they tell, and it is no secret that she has certainly come through trials of her own. Her life story, tells tales much like those in the heartbreaking country tunes of yesteryear that she has come to love so much.

Hollick is a prolific songwriter, and each show introduces new material written on the quiet front porch of her country home. Her own songs such as “Way Over Yonder With You”, “Turtle Dove” and “A Heart That Burns” are truly stunning examples her aptitude for penning heart-wrenching tunes. Though it isn't all woe, depending on when you catch her, Hollick also brings out her fast paced two-stepping numbers like “Long Gone Daddy'o Yodel” and “When My Ship Rolls In”.

To hear her perform live is not only an exceptional experience because of her own stories but also what she brings to the songs of others. An ever-changing and diverse act you will want to see more than once.
"The music of Freya Josephine Hollick distils the nostalgic sounds of a damned and grand century into a bold retelling of country music." http://

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