Round Mountain Girls

It’s been nearly a decade since the congregation of 40 something, part time musos got together in a shed on Round Mountain in the most northern part of NSW to play “a buncha old songs for a bit a fun”. Hundreds of shows later and the quintet have gone on to play some of Australia’s biggest stages at the nation’s biggest festivals, cementing themselves as one of Australia’s premier alternative country rockers.

Following their timely return in the tail end of 2016 with the singles, “The Constant Rhythm”, “Meet You At The End” and “Young and Able”, self-proclaimed pioneers of Celtabillyrootsgrassfolk, Round Mountain Girls will be returning to Broadbeach CMF with their long awaited fourth studio album, “Meet You At The End.”

True to their past works, the album oozes the signature Round Mountain Girls’ sound. Genre bending in every sense of the word, an array of instruments and styles play throughout the album, from frantic banjo and guitar riffs and snapping drums, to the sultry string lines and passionate vocal harmonies, it’s this diverse aptitude which make the change from dark, reminiscent, and hopeful narratives so relatable.

Praised for their incredible work ethic, forever on the road sharing their unmistakable live show; fans can rejoice that 2017 will be no different, as a range of national and international dates rolls out in front of them.


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