Col Finley Band

Col Finley is one of the pioneer independent singer-songwriters in today’s music industry, with 25 years of writing, recording and touring, Col Finley has shown a depth, substance and character that is rarely seen. With several decades of music under his belt you are looking at one of Australia’s longest standing independent recording artists in today’s Country Music industry. With 5 Albums and thousands of songs and endless miles of roads travel Col Finley just gets stronger and stronger with every song and every mile.

Col penned and recorded his first tracks in 1993 with song like “Legends of the Highlands” and “Another Day Working On The Land” both songs a tribute to his life on the land and time in the snowy mountains. To share the amazing career and his achievement’s Col and will be releasing his 6 and possibly final album “The Collective” an album with 25 songs and stories of a life behind the singer, the songs and the songwriter. A bonus to this amazing album of songs is the story behind his career, The Collective documentary and up close and very personal interview with Col, his family his friends about his 25 years of achievements and struggles and what matter most his family, friends and fans.

Col Finley over the past six months has dominated the Australian Music Charts with his two latest single “Above The Blue” Gaining #10 Australian Music Charts, #9 Country Music Charts, #7 Country Music Most requested. His 2nd single “Rich With Friends” reached #9 Country Music Charts, and Col Finley Album “Before The Storm” Smashed The Aria Album Charts reaching #3 Aria Aussie Album and #5 Aria World Country Album Charts 2015. 2016 saw Col Finley performing at some of Australia Premier events and 2015 saw Col Release his 5th Album with his band CFB “A Little Bit Outlaw” to a massive crowd at Australia Largest Country Music Festival CMC Rocks Ipswich.

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