Brooke Lambert

Brooke Lambert grew up in a small town in Queensland and didn’t get to experience city life until she was a teenager, though her upbringing kept me grounded. She has always been a passionate writer and storyteller. She began with poetry at a young age but didn’t get her first guitar until I was nineteen. The first song she ever wrote was for a close friend who had a best friend pass away suddenly. The way the song touched her made me realise that this was my way of helping people. From that moment, she knew that music was the only language she ever wanted to speak.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2014, 10 minutes before midnight, her long-term boyfriend broke up. She didn’t even have any friends because she had dedicated her whole life to this person. All she could do was write about it. Two weeks later, she dusted myself off and went to the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2015. She got so inspired by all of the artists and it dawned on her that I should be the one up on that stage pouring my heart out. She began to crave that kind of adrenalin and would constantly put herself in nerve racking situations because she knew it was the only way to build her confidence. The honesty slowly but surely started flowing out of her and now she’s more honest than ever. It’s become her trademark. She is not scared to talk or sing about how she is feeling and is not ashamed to tell the truth.

She has just released her debut single and is soon to release her first major EP.http://

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